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7 Reasons To Use A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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One of the best projects to add value to your home is a bathroom renovation. Old, out-of-date bathrooms are not only unpleasant for you to use on a daily basis, they can turn a potential buyer away faster than a hole in the roof. A professional bathroom remodeling contractor can give you a beautiful bathroom to add value and comfort to your home.

Why Using a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor is the Logical Choice

  1. Speed. Contractors are experienced, and they can get the job done quickly. They have the proper demolition techniques to avoid unnecessary damage, they know the proper order to construct and install fixtures, and they have the experience to get the job done fast. Not having full use of your bathroom can be a serious frustration. You can reduce the amount of time that your bathroom is out of commission by hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor.
  2. Time. For even the most basic bathroom “facelift”, it can take a professional a week or more to get the job done. Complete renovations can take several weeks. In order for a do-it-yourself homeowner to accomplish a renovation, they would have to use up valuable vacation time or have a bathroom out-of-commission for months while they worked on it over the weekends.
  3. Better Work. Even the most experienced do-it-yourself homeowner doesn’t have nearly the experience of a professional bathroom remodeling contractor. Doing something over and over again makes your work better, and mistakes less frequent. There’s a reason why people will say that something “looks like it was professionally done”; professional jobs look better.
  4. Responsibility. A reputable contractor will be licensed, bonded, and insured. They are also accountable for their mistakes, and for fixing any errors. If you do the job yourself and break a fixture, install something incorrectly, or fail to properly seal out water, then you must deal with the problem yourself. Contractors are not only far less likely to have any errors in installation, but should one arise, they are responsible for the repair.
  5. Access to Materials. A professional bathroom remodeling contractor will know all of the suppliers in the area. They have access to a large variety of materials, fixtures, and other components and this selection is far greater and more unique than anything you would find at the local home store.
  6. Cost. You might think that hiring a professional bathroom remodeling contractor would be more expensive than doing the job yourself. Not true. Contractors can usually source materials at a lower price and get them delivered to your home. In addition, if you factor in the amount of time you would have to dedicate to the entire project, from shopping for materials, getting them home, doing the demolition and removing and disposing of the debris, extra disposal fees, etc., the DIY costs often add up to be more costly.
  7. Peace of Mind. Knowing the job will be done right, your new bathroom will look amazing, everything will work correctly, and troubles and complications won’t crop up months after the job is done will give you the peace of mind you need to be confident about your remodeling project.

There are many projects around the home that are very suitable for the do-it-yourself homeowner, but a bathroom renovation should not be one of them. Hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor, and let them use their time and expertise to give you a bathroom that you will love. Click here to see how K&M Building and Remodeling can help you add value and beauty to your home.

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