Bathroom Trends 2016

Bathroom Trends for 2016

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Trending for 2016: Personalized Luxury in the Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are the perfect opportunity to transform a very important room in the home to reflect your personality. Before you rush out to pick out paint chips and shop for plumbing fixtures, consider what is currently trending in bathroom design and furnishings: Personalized Luxury. Customizing a bathroom for your individual needs and lifestyle makes the difference between just another pretty room and a serene, personalized oasis.

Each year, The National Kitchen and Bath Association creates a Design Trend Report based on a survey of more than 450 of the association’s members from across the country.  A few highlights from this year’s findings:

  • 90% of survey participants chose white as the color choice for bathroom fixtures
  • Luxuries such as coffee stations, dog-washing areas, heated floors and even wet bars are increasing in popularity as consumers personalize bathrooms that reflect their particular lifestyles.
  • 50% of the responding members in the report gave the average price for a bathroom project as between $10,000 and $29,999. Another 31 percent said their average was more than $30,000.

Deciding what to incorporate into your bathroom renovation can be overwhelming.  To get you started, we have assembled five takeaways for bathroom trends as identified in NKBA’s 2016 report:

1. Accessorized Showers

Showers are going high tech with lighting and stereo systems, aromatherapy, LCD control screens and built-in seats and benches.  New water saving “smart” showers are even Bluetooth enabled and connect to the Internet.  One example is the Kohler DTV+ Shower System, a digital showering experience with a touch screen interface allows the user to control and customize every element of the multi-sensory experience.

2. Chrome

Polished chrome was the No. 1 choice for faucets for 80% of NKBA respondents, but you don’t go overboard on the shine. Mixing metal finishes on your hardware looks current and distinctive.

3. Free- Standing Tubs 

Who doesn’t love a long soak at the end of a stressful day? Luxurious free-standing soaking tubs are the preferred bathtub of choice among 2016’s trendsetters. Many designers elevate these fixtures to bathroom masterpieces and place them in a prominent spot, no longer abutting a wall, to create a luxurious, calming mood.

4. Neutrals

Neutral Wall Tones Change With The LightGray is up 9 percent from last year’s survey and now is about equal in popularity to the traditional whites and off-whites for bathrooms. Gray and white continues to is a popular color combination for 2016 bathrooms.

If plain gray or a combination of gray and white isn’t your first choice, keep in mind gray can take on any other color as an undertone. As a result, if you’re careful in contemplating the undertones of the specific paint colors you’ll be using in your color scheme, you can combine gray with just about any other color you might want to use in your bathroom.

5. Aging-In-Place Amenities

This trend is not just for the mature consumer – these features are for the whole family!  Everyone can enjoy a more comfortable chair-height toilet, a no-threshold shower or conveniently designed grab bar. More than half of the survey respondents reported incorporating accessible and/or universal design features in bathrooms. Planning for the future while luxuriating in the present is a smart design choice at any age.

Renovate your Bathroom with K&M Building and Remodeling

These trends confirm our belief that your home, and specifically your bathroom, should be a restorative space where you can decompress from the world. When planning your renovation, design and decorate your bathroom with functional, yet stylish pieces to create an individualized spa-like oasis.

Need some advice along the way? K&M Building and Remodeling has been providing general contracting services for over 20 years. Specializing in bathroom renovations, Matt Normandin has the experience and expertise to guide homeowners through the renovation process. We can help you choose vanities, fixtures and even flooring for your new bathroom space.

Why do the work yourself when you can hire a trusted professional to transform your bathroom space with this year’s trends? Check out our project portfolio and Hire K&M Building and Remodeling to make your bath renovation a reality.

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