KM Holiday Gift Guide

2014 Holiday Homeowner Gift Guide

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10 Homeowner Gifts for Everyone on Your List

We have selected ten of the season’s hottest gifts for hearth and home.  From cool fire extinguishers to home manuals to DYI gifts from the heart, we have the perfect gift for every type of homeowner on your list. You may just find the perfect gift for YOUR home while you’re at it.

Bathroom Remodeling

Top 10 Trends in Bathroom Remodels

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With every new year comes a fresh perspective on the spaces in our homes.  In 2014, the prevailing trend in bathroom remodeling is luxury. For budgets big and small, incorporating spa-like features that are tailored to the needs of the homeowner is a priority. Read on to learn the rest of the top 10 trends in bathroom remodels for 2014.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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Bring your kitchen into 2014 with these functional and stylish remodeling trends

One of the most rewarding projects to take on is kitchen remodeling. Because it is one of the most-used rooms in the home, the kitchen should be the ultimate expression of the homeowner’s style while serving their needs at the same time. If you’re thinking of tackling a kitchen remodeling project in your Connecticut home, check out these new kitchen remodeling trends to get your idea-book started.

Bathroom remodel

7 Reasons To Use A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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One of the best projects to add value to your home is a bathroom renovation. Old, out-of-date bathrooms are not only unpleasant for you to use on a daily basis, they can turn a potential buyer away faster than a hole in the roof. A professional bathroom remodeling contractor can give you a beautiful bathroom to add value and comfort to your home.