Meriden Water Damage Restoration Project

Water Damage Restoration

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Whole-house water damage restoration triggered by faulty washing machine hose.

This 1896 Victorian home’s overhaul was hastened when a second floor washing machine broke while the family was away. The water damage was extensive. Eight hours of gushing water saturated the the walls and ceilings. All the rooms had to be gutted back to the original plaster and lathe and framing.

Fortunately for the homeowners, they had an “ordinance of law” in their insurance policy, which mandated that all mechanical and electrical systems be brought up to code.

This was how we found the house last July.

Thank Goodness for “Good Bones”

This is how the water damage restoration project is progressing – stripped down to the framing and original lathe.

Building In Efficiency and Safety

All new electric and plumbing has been done, and tucked in with a cozy blanket of insulation.

Finally Finished

The last step was to close up the walls and ceilings, put in new flooring, change some windows, trim, and install fixtures and appliances. How do you think it came out?

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