Staycation Oasis | Firepit

Summer Staycation Oasis

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Transform Your Backyard to a Weekend Retreat

What do you love most about the “cabin by the lake” or “sunset on the beach” part of your vacation? The fire pit and dining al fresco, right?  An outdoor “room” to relax and visit with friends is a great way to get away without going away, transforming your home into the perfect “staycation” environment.

Bathroom Remodeling

Timeless Trends in Bathroom Remodels

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Regardless of the prevailing design trends in bathroom remodeling luxury, practicality and economy of space are timeless. For budgets big and small, incorporating spa-like features that are tailored to the needs of the homeowner, now, and in the future, is a priority. Read on to learn the rest of the top 10 trends in bathroom remodels.

Wabi Sabi Home Decor

Resurgence of Wabi Sabi

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In 2018 you are likely to see the influence of wabi sabi, an ancient aesthetic philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism. Wabi sabi accepts and celebrates imperfection. The tones, materials, and decor reflect our natural world, while emphasizing minimalism.

Have you noticed the reclaimed industrial design of your favorite gastro pub? Have you considered using old barn wood for flooring or wall treatment in your next renovation? Is it nostalgia for an “simpler” time, a need to reconnect to nature, or a desire to use recycled materials?