Haddam Dormer Addition – A Cost Effective Renovation

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This Haddam dormer addition gave our clients valuable and functional square footage while retaining their home’s natural charm.

A perfect marriage of form and function combine to give these homeowners a new master suite with the expansion of an existing dormer. A spacious master bedroom, bath, closets, and storage spaces were gained with minimal impact on the rest of the home.

Bathroom remodel

7 Reasons To Use A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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One of the best projects to add value to your home is a bathroom renovation. Old, out-of-date bathrooms are not only unpleasant for you to use on a daily basis, they can turn a potential buyer away faster than a hole in the roof. A professional bathroom remodeling contractor can give you a beautiful bathroom to add value and comfort to your home.

How To Hire A Remodeling Contractor in Connecticut

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How to hire a remodeling contractor in Connecticut, might be obvious. But if you take shortcuts in vetting a contractor, your project may not go as smoothly as you had hoped.  It’s important to do your due diligence and find a remodeling contractor who strikes just the right balance between professionalism, high-quality work, and competitive prices. Here are five steps to ensuring you find a good remodeling contractor, who will get the job done right the first time around.

Middletown Pool Deck

Middletown Pool Deck

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A beautiful Middletown pool deck makes this backyard and irresistible recreation area.

This brand new above ground pool was not very accessible from the rest of the outside living space. A simple stair down to a gate, and landing platform with a handicap accessible ramp from the lawn, opens onto a spacious pool-side veranda.