Front Walkway Ideas

Patios and Walkways

Your front walkway is one of the first thing that visitors to your home will see. A beautiful walkway will give your home great curb appeal while giving you and your guests a comfortable way to get from the curb to your door and to other areas of your yard and garden. Walkways come in a variety of styles and materials, but no matter which you choose you can be sure that the investment you make will give you years of enjoyment and pay off when when it comes time to sell your home.

Choosing the Shape of a Walkway

Flagstone Walkways

The size of your house and yard and will largely determine what shape your walkway should be. Small yards will usually look the best with a straight walkway that is relatively simple. A larger home or expansive yard can usually benefit from a curved or more detailed walkway that will add visual interest and break up large spaces.

 Stone Walls and Walkways

Choosing the Materials for Your Steps & Walkway

The materials you can use for your front steps and walkways are almost endless. Brick is a common choice for walkways because it is timeless and works with almost any home style. Bricks laid in a straight pattern can give a clean, sharp look while a herringbone pattern can create a traditional and stately look. Flagstone is a great way to add visual interest with varying colors and textures while maintaining a geometric shape for a tidy walkway. Handmade pavers lend a slightly imperfect look that can add an element of charm and friendliness to your yard.

Brick Walkways

Don’t Stop at the Front Door

These designs aren’t limited to your front walkway. Lead your guests to the back yard by continuing your walkway around to a beautiful brick or stone patio or a custom-built stone fire pit. Stone retaining walls and porches can complement any walkway perfectly and add a polished look to your home and garden while drawing attention to the best features of your home.

Old Saybrook Patio

Outdoor Room | Patio, Firepit, GrillAn Investment in Your Future

Stone walkways, patios, and steps are built to last. Once they are installed, you can enjoy them year after year with your family and guests with very little maintenance. Then, when it comes time to sell your home, you’ll enjoy a better resale value and buyers that are more enthusiastic.

Let K&M Building and Remodeling Help!

Choosing the right materials and the best shapes and patterns for your walkway or patio can seem like an overwhelming decision. K&M Building and Remodeling has been providing high-quality craftsmanship to the Middletown and surrounding area for more than 20 years. We know how to help you feel confident that you’ve made the best decisions for your walkways and patios so you can enjoy your investment for years to come.