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Resurgence of Wabi Sabi

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In 2018 you are likely to see the influence of wabi sabi, an ancient aesthetic philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism. Wabi sabi accepts and celebrates imperfection. The tones, materials, and decor reflect our natural world, while emphasizing minimalism.

Have you noticed the reclaimed industrial design of your favorite gastro pub? Have you considered using old barn wood for flooring or wall treatment in your next renovation? Is it nostalgia for an “simpler” time, a need to reconnect to nature, or a desire to use recycled materials?

Here’s some wabi sabi inspiration from our Pinterest page.

Wabi Sabi Home Decor Pins

Where to Get Wabi Sabi Material, Design & Installation

Regardless of what is driving the popularity of wabi sabi in interior design, this “back to the Earth” trend is keeping a number of Connecticut reclaimed material businesses  VERY busy. Here’s an example of Connecticut suppliers and woodworking shops that are deconstructing, salvaging, selling, and building with vintage materials:

K&M Building and Remodeling Does Wabi Sabi

We’re happy to team up with the resources listed above to bring wabi sabi style to your home. With over 15 years experience as skilled craftsmen, K&M Building and Remodeling is adept at building custom cabinetry, doors and flooring, for any room in your house or outdoor rooms.   We look forward to having a conversation about your upcoming renovation.

Heading photo by Zbysiu Rodak via Unsplash

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