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Summer Staycation Oasis

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Transform Your Backyard to a Weekend Retreat

What do you love most about the “cabin by the lake” or “sunset on the beach” part of your vacation? The fire pit and dining al fresco, right?  An outdoor “room” to relax and visit with friends is a great way to get away without going away, transforming your home into the perfect “staycation” environment.

Fire Pit Focal Point

So how do you design the perfect spot? Start with the fire pit as a focal point, with permanent and movable seating around it. Be sure to include a way to neatly stack extra wood. You can go with a quick and inexpensive option and stack concrete, brick or stone blocks, dig a hole and add an edge, or start with a metal container and embellish it, or not.

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Whole Outdoor Room Design

What about the rest of the room? Besides choosing materials, figuring out where everything else fits around the firepit can be overwhelming…that’s where we come in! We’ll help you layout your space for all your outdoor activities and entertaining, creating your own staycation oasis. Check out one of our patio design blog posts and then drop us a note for a quote.


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